Privacy Policy SIB

Sridhar Insurance Broker Private Ltd. fully acknowledges the importance of maintaining the privacy of the information provided by you. SIB takes all necessary steps to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and security of our users including visiting and availing our services on our website, mobile applications, mobile sites etc. accessible through internet enabled devices. The Privacy Policy of SIB elaborates upon how the data and information is collected, stored, used, processed, shared and transferred and protects your data at the time you visit our website or avail our services.

The term, You/Yourself/Your, as used in this electronic document refers to the users who visit and access our mobile platforms and the term, We/Our/Us, refer to SIB.


Kindly read the Privacy Policy carefully. You acknowledge that you comprehend and consent to our Privacy Policy. Thus, by visiting our website, mobile applications or by procuring our services, you give your unconditional agreement to Sridhar Insurance Broker Private Ltd. as given under Section 43A and Section 72A of Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 to use, process, share, store and transfer your data.

By registering yourself at our website or at any of our domains, you are giving your authorization to SIB to contact you through mobile, phone call, sms or email and offer/update you about our services. The company may call or sms you regarding our services for the insurance product opted by you, inform you about the products, update you about our promotional offers from time to time, and about the offers from our business partners, affiliates or third-party for which we may have to collect your basic information as given under the Policy. You hereby consent that SIB may contact you even if your number is registered under DND/ DNC or NCPR service. Your consent will be valid till the time your account remains active with us.

Information collected by us

The company collects your basic data and information only when you use our website or any other application either at the time of visiting our website or as a registered customer.

The Information we collect may include:
  • Your personal information such as your name, email id, contact number, postal address, date of birth, profession, gender, financial details, occupation and other such information
  • Other information may comprise your IP address, system details like OS version, Internet browser, telecom service used by you.
  • The transaction history of your insurance details, with us as well as with other insurance companies, including your claim settlement record, policy cover, premium paid and other payments made by you.
  • Any other information provided by you at the time of applying for any insurance product or while replying to a questionnaire.
  • Various methods may be used to collect data and information such as the use of cookies, both temporary and permanent cookies. You can erase or block these cookies through your electronic device. You may also configure the settings on your browser to send you an alert when a cookie is sent to you by SIB, selecting to accept or turn off the cookie.
  • We may also use web beacons, pixel tags, mobile device IDs, and other files and technologies to collect and store your data.
Objective of collecting your information:

You consent that Sridhar Insurance Broker Private Ltd. may call you or sms, email, Whatsapp or through any other form of communication, even if your number is registered with NDNC.

  • We collect and store your information for the sole purpose of offering you our services and insurance products including but not limited to the given objectives:
  • To send you notifications, alerts, information and messages regarding our products and service to suit your needs.
  • To help in resolving your issues, queries and concerns regarding any insurance product or service sought out by you.
  • To conduct business transactions related with your insurance needs and update you with the details of the transaction as well as post-transaction services, to market our new products, site content and other services.
  • To notify you about our new offers and promotional services related with your requirement and the search done by you on our website.
  • To improve our website content and other services so as to facilitate your usage of the services provided by SIB and its website.
  • To inform you about the group insurance policies and wealth/health related offers to your organization and your employer. Following compliances of legal liabilities and regulatory framework.
  • To analyze our data and improve your search experience on our website by review our website performance.
  • To carry out other purposes that may have been described by you at the time of collecting data and information from you or while following your agreement.
  • To update you about any modifications and terms and conditions related to our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.
  • You may choose to change the mode of communication at any time.
Sharing, Transfer and Disclosure of information:

SIB strictly follows the confidentiality policy and does not share your non-public data with anyone without your prior consent except,

  • As required or permitted by any legal authority to share or disclose or by a court of law or any government agency to verify your identity, or investigating, detecting or to stop any cyber activity or in case of prosecution or punishment of any offence.
  • To facilitate and improve your usage of our website content and to administer to your requests and queries.
  • To analyze data and information given on our website about our products and services.
  • Identification and prevention of fraudulent transactions and misuse of our website.
  • To execute out Terms of Use. 6. In compliance with our legal obligations and any regulatory body.

You are in agreement that Sridhar Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. can transfer, share and disclose your data to other partners and units depending upon the types of insurance products and services as required by you for the purposes as permitted by any governing body. SIB may also share or disclose your information (personal/non-personal) if it is required by those units to provide you adequate services and insurance products. You offer your unconditional and unequivocal consent to SIB to share your statistical information and non-public data to facilitate any initiative or program started by SIB or any other company, third-party service providers, business partners, financial organization as and when needed. We process your payments or authorize your payments to be processed solely according to the terms, policies, and the conditions of the third-party. The company is not under any liability or will have any responsibility towards the third-party or towards the customer for any delay or failure from their side of proceedings.

Sridhar Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. also uses third parties such as pre-paid cards, debit/credit card processing companies, etc. to enable you to process your payments against any insurance plan and to use our website services. While signing-up for our services, you can opt for the option to save your card details for any future transactions. In the event of such activity, we may share your essential personal information such as your name, address and email id with the related third-party to continue your services.

You consent with Sridhar Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. to take down your information in regard with your car insurance from the third-party service provider. Sridhar Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. also reserves the right to share, transfer or disclose the client information to any law enforcement agency or a government agency as authorized by the law to collect information so as to verify your identity or to prevent, investigate or detect but not limited to any cyber event, prosecute or prevent any offence.

Third-Party Links:

We have made it clear that at the time of using our website, you may also see some links of the third-party, electronic communication service or advertisements of the third-parties. As we do not exercise any control over any of the third-party services, we do not endorse or guarantee their products mentioned on their website. We do not represent any of the policies of the third-parties including their Privacy Policy. Accessing the website of the third-party or availing any of their services shall be at the risk of the user and SIB is not responsible in any way for loss or damage or for any other event involving the third-parties.

Sridhar Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. commends that the user should review and comprehend the Privacy Policy of the third-party website before using it.

Security Methods:

We, at Sridhar Insurance Pvt. Ltd. adhere to every commercially feasible security process to secure your information from any unauthorized use, source, disclosure or modification. We implement several security procedures as permitted by the industry standards to maintain the security of your information. To keep your data and personal information safe and secure from any unauthorize source or disclosure, we use every operational, technical, physical and managerial security processes while your data is under the control of SIB.

The company follows every viable security means to keep your information safe and secure, you understand that a computer network cannot be made completely safe and the company cannot provide complete assurance regarding the safety of your personal details. In accordance with this, you consent that you will not hold Sridhar Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd. responsible for any damage/loss of data shared by the user. You also approve and consent that any data including your personal or non-personal data shared with SIB or transferred while using or accessing our website will be at risk of the user.

It is clear that any Force Majeure event may comprise incidents that are beyond the control of SIB. It includes but not limited to sabotage, explosion, fire incident, natural calamities such as earthquakes, landslides, storms etc. and made-made disasters such as riots, civil war, hacking, strikes etc., unauthorized computer network, internet system or computer crash, or security breach.

Email Decline:

If you do not want to receive any email or any other marketing/promotional offers from the company, please contact us. We may take 10 days to update and process your request. Sridhar Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd updates your records with your latest information, however, in case of any discrepancy in your personal details, you may contact us for updating your information at our Grievance Cell.

Change in terms of Privacy Policy:

Sridhar Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd has the sole discretion to modify, change or alter its Privacy Policy at any time. The company reserves the right to update the terms of its Privacy Policy to show the modifications to our information procedures. It is recommended that you keep reviewing our website to be updated for any change in the Privacy Policy.

Your consistent use of our website content provides us your unconditional approval/consent to changes in the Privacy Policy of SIB. In case you have any issues or grievances about our Privacy Policy or about the collection, storage, and disclosure of your information under the guidelines of Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy of SIB, kindly contact our Grievance Redressal Desk.